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My day job is that of an employment, sexual harassment and injury lawyer. That's my day job. In my spare time (is there such a thing?) I blog. 

I started this blog because over the years, I have found that many people that are involved in a car wreck don't understand what to do and if they need a lawyer. Most of their problems can be taken care of if they just have an understanding of the "rules of the game." This can result in their being taken advantage of by an insurance company.  This blog is here to help you out by giving you some common sense advice. It is my nature to be blunt so if you want sugarcoating, call a Keebler elf.

Now because I am a lawyer, I have to give you a disclaimer of some sort, right? ​  Just so we are clear, I am only licensed in Washington state. I am not giving you specific legal advice and, just because you subscribe or read this blog, I am not your lawyer. Don't rely on anything I say in this blog because the discussions are general in nature.  Always get the advice of your lawyer before making an important legal decision.

Oh, yeah. For those of you that can't resist know more about the man in the sunglasses, you can go to my law firm website by clicking here.

When I am not blogging or lawyering, I'm hanging out with my awesome wife and my Dawg. 

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