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Keeping track of all out of pocket expenses related to your accident. In many cases people do not get made whole after an accident because they fail to keep track of expenses as they are incurred. You may have a good memory, but a year or two down the road you are not going remember all of your accident related expenses.

If you pay for it, get a receipt. if you are not good at keeping records take a picture of the receipt and save it on your smart phone. Some of the items you should be tracking are: 1: Your wage loss 2: Your out of pocket expenses (e.g. heating pads, parking expense, medical supplies etc.) 3. Your deductibles and copays 4. Your mileage 5. Your medical expenses 6. The cost of hired services made necessary because of your injury

7. Wage loss, even it you covered it with vacation or sick time One of the components of your claim is the economic loss you have experienced. It always lends credibility to your claim when you have receipts for your expenses or have contemporaneously documented items, such as mileage expenses. ,

When you accurately keep records it enhances your credibility and eliminates any doubt about the veracity of your claim.

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